Zooloretto is the first game I ever gotten from a math trade. I'm really addicted to it now though, I think I just traded 6 games in the past 2 weeks. I do need to start shifting our collection around and give up games that we don't like to play as much. I also just backed 3 games from Kickstarter and pre-ordered Specter Ops from PlaidHat Games. They look like such awesome games so I can't help myself. This hobby is not as prevalent enough though so we can just gift those games to our friends and family and know that they'll love it because they're still better than what they have right now. 

So, Zooloretto. I've been hearing about this game for a long time and it helps that it features a panda which is our son's favorite animal. It's a pretty family friendly game that it doesn't have too many choices and very minimal text involved. But that doesn't mean that it's mindless or not fun, far from it. The game revolves around you filling your zoo as best you can. There are 11 types of animals to choose from and each player gets a chance to load an animal to the truck. If a player decides to take a truck then they have to fill an enclosure with those animals in the truck. There are other actions involving expanding your zoo and moving them around but it's pretty much it. 

The game is fun. There's enough strategic decision to keep you thinking and the theme is so cute it keeps the little one interested. Totally recommended for families.